Submission instructions are contained in the file (. doc) submission:

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The VI HTEM will receive submissions in four categories namely:

Abs_OC - Abstract of proposed short oral presentation.
Abs_PO - Abstract of proposed poster presentation.
Abs_WO - Abstract of proposed workshop presentation.
Abs_MC - Abstract of proposed mini-course presentation.
The above proposals should be included among the topics of interest of VI HTEM, which are:

T1 - Methods of Teaching Mathematics in the presence of technology: classroom education and distance learning; teaching environment for interactive, inclusive education, etc.;
T2 - Technological Instruments and Computational Programs in virtual environments for Mathematics Teaching;
T3 - Planning and execution of tasks and activities with the use of technology;
T4 - Assessment for learning in virtual environments with or without use of technology;
T5 - Integrating History of Mathematics in teaching, in front of new technologies;
T6 - History and Technology in Mathematics of Planet Earth: lectures, mini-courses, exhibition, etc., showing the mathematical that the study of planet Earth brings to disclosure, with emphasis on the role of technology in this study.

Abstracts must be submitted by April 23, 2013 to the e-mail

Once the abstract is accepted, full papers must be submitted by June 8, 2013 to the e-mail following the instructions for submission of full papers of accepted abstracts.

Important dates

10 june - Fullpapers submission of accepted abstracts deadline
13 may - Notification of abstract acceptance
23 april - Abstract submission